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    Why Start a Garden Blog and How I Prepped for It

    Why Start a Garden Blog

    I’ve been blogging on and off for years writing about my faith, family life, and whatnots, but I never really thought of niching down to one particular topic. This time, though, I’d start a garden blog. Yes, specifically, a garden blog.


    Because Missus Blossom sprang from my love of plants and it aligns with my garden center page Missus Blossom Shop.

    And since I love gardening, why not just focus on it, right?

    start a garden blog

    I’m dedicating this blog to all gardener expert wanna-be just like myself. Although I love planting, I’m no master of the field here. So what I’ll be sharing are my real experiences in the garden, identifying names of plants (’cause this is my weakness), as well as new discoveries and even failures in gardening.

    That pretty much sums up why starting a garden blog is my next thing. So how did I prepare for it? Here are a few things:

    I bought a beginner DSLR camera.

    Quality images are a must if you’d have a professional-looking garden blog. Since I don’t have a budget to spare for a high-priced camera and since I’m not a skilled photographer yet, I settle for Canon EOS 4000D which I bought from a store on Lazada for 14620php.

    Taking your own images is also important. I want to be authentic and credible so I have to take pictures of my own plants and garden to be able to achieve that. Images will tell about garden experiments and DIY projects.

    start a garden blog

    I’m learning SEO.

    I want this blog to grow and become my portfolio as an SEO specialist. It’s a must then to learn the trick.

    start a garden blog

    I’m learning about writing great.

    Again, I like writing but can’t claim to be an expert. I just know that I write from the heart. But sometimes writing from the heart is not enough. Writing must be understandable so that we can pass our message along to our target readers.

    So there. They’re just my two cents on why I’d start a garden blog. I hope I can see you around as I share my wins and losses in my garden!