Love the Little Adventures

Wow, September! More than half of the year has passed and I have barely written here. It seems that I already forgot how to write.

My goal is to write again, just about anything, well particularly my experience as a mother, gardening, and life in general.

Maybe, I’m going to make this blog a companion in savoring what I have now and in reaching my goals.

At this time, Mark is with us for vacation, after enduring a total of 20 days of hotel quarantine, 2 swab tests, and 5 days home quarantine. There’s no time to complain–we’re just grateful that we’re together now.

It seems to me that time is passing by so quickly now that he’s here. We normally spend our afternoons on the beach, just away from people. The kids miss the beach so much, you can tell by their whining every afternoon.

Yesterday, we were in Salvacion port. They just explored the place especially the mangroves area.

It was very noticeable how they miss their Daddy Mark. Every time they see something that amazes them, they’d call on their dad.

“Daddy! Tan-awa bala!”

Seeing how they adore and respect their dad makes my heart melt.

The outdoors brings comfort, and I’m excited for more adventures with my kids.

The afternoons are always rainy. But yesterday was unique because it gave us a rainbow.

I do love these little adventures of ours: them enjoying swimming while I busy myself capturing the moments.

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