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My Companions for My 2020 Vision: 2 Journals, Piso Planner, and the Bible

My vision for 2020 was based on my 2019 experience. So here’s a little reflection of the past year:

2019 became an eye-opener. It’s as if all the pains, challenges that defeated me, and inner struggles kept over the years finally came out to the surface. I spent days crying as I dealt with them one by one. It was so human to finally grieve what should have been grieved about and feel every emotion as triggers come.

I felt it all and decided to let go and committed my ways to God–giving birth to a new me.

This “new me” is because I’ve come to know Jesus Christ, and being a recipient of God’s grace, I am able to conquer the past.

So in 2019, I became fully aware of God’s presence, love, grace, and mercy. Ang awesome Nya ‘di ba? As a result, I committed myself to follow Christ, putting my faith in Him as my Lord and Savior.

November pa lang, my 2020 vision was already laid out. Excited! I already knew what I want to become and I wanted to have a one-month trial run with the new habits.

Then I started looking for a planner. Over the years, I’ve collected different planners, usually mommy planners. But every year, I only used them for a maximum of 6 months inconsistently.

Part of the problem was me–for not having a clear vision of the character that I want to become. So I chose planners that, in fact, didn’t fit my life.

Ang planner ay parang life partner for a year in a way so you have to choose wisely. A planner is a tool for you to organize your life so that you’ll reach your goals and achieve your vision.

In the past, I chose planners based on their color, layout, and cuteness. ‘Pag chic, ok na. Even it’s expensive, ok lang, for one year naman ang paggamit ko eh.

Pero hindi ko sya nasusulit dahil hindi ko naman pala kailangan ng cute na cute na planner, yung may maraming sections, o mahal na planner. Kailangan ko lang ng malinis na space para sulatan at isang planner na focused.

So dito nagdecide ako na magkaroon ng dalawang journal at isang planner.

Let me now introduce you to my companions in achieving my 2020 vision:

First journal — The first page contains my 2020 vision so that I am daily reminded why I do what I do. This journal is for my gratitude list, release and forgiveness, and whatnots.

Php 220 from National Book Store

Gratitude is essential so I have made this into a daily habit by writing down things and people I am thankful for. A grateful heart replaces a complaining heart. It’s done so much good to my mental health by making me more aware of the blessings God has already given.

So if you struggle with discontent and complaining, the habit of gratitude can combat them.

I also write here ideas that I should let go of and every person that I need to forgive or ask forgiveness from.

There are things or experiences that I can only process when writing, so yes, I dump them here, too. As I always say, writing is a free therapy session.

Second journal — My Bible meditation goes here. Mag partner ang second journal at ang Bible.

My sister’s Bible when she was in college 2 decades ago.

Here’s my process:

  1. Write down God’s word.
  2. Write it in my own words.
  3. Write my action plan on how to apply this in my life.

I learned this method from our small discipleship group.

As a mom to both humans and dogs, homeschooler, and an entrepreneur, I have many tasks every day (which I am working on to minimize). It is imperative to meditate on God’s word not only because it is His command but also because I thirst for His word. It fuels me to live the day.

Seriously, how would I live without the loving guidance of my Father and Creator?

My prayer list belongs here, too. I specifically write the people and things I’m praying for, and when I get a positive answer (aka God has shown me the answer), I put a checkmark on the item.

Php 220 from National Book Store

Sa totoo lang, it’s really sweet to do this. Ang sweet because I get to realize how powerful and awesome and loving and caring our Father is when I let Him have His ways in my life. I’m so looking forward to many answered prayers–whether yes, no, or wait pa yan, because His ways are the best!

Piso Planner — I love this planner for several reasons but mainly because it was offered with Chinkee Tan’s other books for financial literacy.

So bet na bet!

It’s so practical. For the value of Php 640 (including the shipping fee), I got the Piso Planner and the books My Ipon Diary, Diary of a Pulubi, My Utang-Free Diary, Keri Mo Yan!, and My Badyet Diary.

I am inspired by people who are way ahead in financial literacy, so if you are, kudos to you. For me, who is a late bloomer, I need to educate myself more to handle our financial matters, and one way is to read the books and another is to apply it.

The Piso Planner is my partner in managing our finances well.

Because I am already tired of mismanaging it. Haha. I want to have a healthy life money-wise by earning well, being debt-free, living within our means, saving, and investing.

Look here, for every month, it has a page for budgeting–how much goes to the savings and expenses. Neat, right? Pero ang hirap din especially that I’m still living with the consequences of my past financial decisions.

But I always remind myself to press on. No quitting.

The Piso Planner also offers 12 Steps to Master in Order to Live a Debt-Free and Wealthy Life. One step every month.

This one reminds of the due dates so that users can be proactive in paying bills.

The Piso Planner helps me to be aligned with my vision and the meditated Word.

There’s a space here for the monthly to-do’s. I have not used this yet but by February, I’m going to utilize this space for my focus items which are my small goals.

I love the space for weekly planning. Right after scribbling in my two journals, I go to this space to write my daily to-do’s and not to-do’s according to the action plan from my meditation. This way, my actions for the day are aligned to my overall vision and the word of God.

Just like life, using this planner is a journey. So I may do more things with this planner just like putting more notes or doing the weekly challenges. For now, I believe that this planner is being used according to my present needs and it’s serving its purpose.


What’s your 2020 planner? I’d love to know through the comments or read on your blog! Drop the link in the comments.

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  5. zoan

    January 23, 2020 at 10:48 am

    WOW! Amazing story you got there! Thanks for sharing the word of the Lord, I think I should do that too, kasi minsan we tend to forget how He helped us through a lot of hard times, pag okay tayo, masaya tayo at wala tayong pinagdadaanan, nakakalimutan natin sya. I will incorporate your thoughts in y planner na din… thank you for sharing!

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