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Why More Millennial Moms are Opting to Work from Home

Approximately one in five moms are considered millennial moms or mothers born between 1978 and 1994. This accounts for 9 million people across the globe.

But while this generation of mothers grew up at the rise of career-oriented women working outside the home, more and more millennial moms are now choosing to stay at home instead to live their ideal family life.

Being a millennial mom myself, let me share some of the reasons why I think more millennial moms prefer working from home.

We want to be present for our family.

We are a generation of empowered women. We know we can choose the lifestyle we want according to our values. For me, I stay at home because I want to witness firsthand my children’s milestones and spend more time with my husband whenever he’s on vacation–all these without compromising a career.

We can do both. Thanks to technology.

We want to earn more.

Online freelancing opens doors that I never knew existed, including the opportunity to work for big foreign companies without leaving the house. This means I can increase my earnings and provide well for our family.

Earnings through online freelancing can be tricky though. When I first started, I got the lowest rate. I persevered because I still considered it as an answered prayer. It’s still income coming every week without me worrying about who to babysit my kid.

Six years in the industry brought me a network of like-minded people who are ready to help and taught me the value I can give to my clients. This allowed me to charge appropriately no matter my location or citizenship.

I have achieved my goal of earning more, but I am still growing.

We want more time to pursue our passion and the things that matter most.

Gone are the days, when you sacrifice your passion when you become a mom. Millennial moms realize that we need to engage in self-soothing activities as a form of stress relief from managing the household, parenting, and working/running a business. When we care for ourselves, we can care more for our loved ones.

Painting, dancing, cooking, blogging, vlogging–whatever we want to achieve without considering money, that is our passion.

Bonding time with family and friends, meditation, prayer, Bible reading, massage–anything that comforts and recharges us is the self-care that we need.

Online freelancing gives us the flexibility of time for us to do those things.

We have countless opportunities to grow.

Various groups, mentors, and coaches provide help to anyone who wants to join the online freelancing tribe. Online courses with certificates are also available if we want to upgrade our skills.

In short, we can invest in our own learning and growth anytime, knowing that it can benefit us and our clients.

Are you a millennial mom who wants to join online freelancing? This space if for you. Stay tuned for more updates to help you start your freelancing journey.

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