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    Cafe Reptilya Gives 3 Amazing Activities for Kids

    If your kids love animals, they will surely enjoy the cozy nook in Bacolod City that offers not only burp-worthy meals but also a one-of-a-kind experience to touch and learn about reptiles–Cafe Reptilya.

    Visiting Cafe Reptilya had been in our bucket list ever since the kids learned about their cousin’s adventure here.

    Both boys got giddy and almost couldn’t contain their excitement.

    Since Adam and Eve’s fall, snakes had been feared, despised, and more often, abused. I fear snakes, even the whole lot of reptiles, probably with the exception of the gentle kind, turtles.

    Having kids who love animals–even reptiles.. even snakes– amuses me. I mean, I conceived them and they share the same genes with me, yet they are different than me and their father in so many ways.

    So this trip to the reptile cafe is also a way for me to look at the world in my children’s eyes and to add, look at the reptiles beyond my irrational fear.

    The kids loved the whole experience at the reptile cafe, and I totally recommend visiting it to give kids an amazing, one-of-a-kind experience.

    Cafe Reptilya activities for kids:

    Touching the pythons

    While touching snakes give me a shiver through the spine (That’s imaginary as I will never dare, but you get the point.), my kids and most kids nowadays are excited to do so.

    Cafe Reptilya Gives 3 Amazing Activities for Kids

    A male staff assists the guests in touching the pythons in the animal encounter area. He introduced us to the reptiles and assisted the kids in touching them.

    The management requires guests to wash hands thoroughly before and after touching the animals. According to the crew, their pythons feed on chicken once a week. Washing hands remove the smell of food that can trigger the pythons.

    Washing hands after touching the reptiles also prevent salmonellitis as salmonella can be found in their droppings.

    Feeding the iguana

    For the many aspiring Kuya Kims, zookeepers, and zoologists, feeding an iguana is already a dream come true.

    Do you also wonder why kids have this certain fascination for animals? I’ll reserve my thoughts for another time. For the meantime, I’m contented to know that my kids have developed compassion for animals. A very wonderful thing!

    Drawing reptiles

    The staff gives a drawing of an iguana and a set of crayons to kids, but during our visit, they ran out of drawings, so Kristoff and Liam just drew their own.

    Cafe Reptilya Gives 3 Amazing Activities for Kids

    These drawings were then posted on one corner together with the others.

    Cafe Reptilya Gives 3 Amazing Activities for Kids
    Cafe Reptilya Gives 3 Amazing Activities for Kids

    I love the ambiance in the cafe. The concept of a reptile’s habitat is reflected in every little detail.

    While the kids were busy enjoying the pets, sitting together with the husband while waiting for dinner was ridiculously romantic for me. Haha. We hadn’t done a date for a long time, so it was refreshing just to do something like that for even less than 30 minutes.

    Our food arrived just in time for our grumbling stomachs.

    We had chosen our food “carefully” to match our 100-peso consumable entrance fee. You can pay the excess, of course, but we didn’t want to spend more than our budget.

    Here’s Cafe Reptilya’s menu:

    Important Rules

    1. Wash hands before and after holding the pets.
    2. Be gentle in stroking the pets. For the iguana, strokes must be from up to down.
    3. Be careful not to bang the glasses of the pets’ aquariums.


    Cafe Reptilya is on the second floor of Piazza Sorrento, 13th Lacson St., Bacolod City.

    How much to prepare

    For each person, adult and child alike, you need to prepare 100 pesos for the entrance fee. Don’t worry, this is consumable of food. You also need to pay another 100 pesos to touch the pets and have your picture taken with them.